Key indicators of tourism of the Republic of Tajikistan

 Location: Central Asia

Area: 142.6 square kilometers, mountains cover 93%

It borders Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan

Climate: dry continental, with over 300 sunny days a year

Water Resources: about 1000 rivers, 2,000 lakes, 8,000 glaciers

Cultural and historical heritage: part of the Great Silk Road, a site of ancient settlement «Sarazm» and National Park are included in the List of World Heritage (UNESCO)

Tourism activities: climbing, mountain sports, skiing, international hunting, ethnographic, medical

Visa Requirements: for citizens of 80 countries the tourist visa is issued on arrival at the international airport in Dushanbe and Khujand

International airlines: Turkish Airlines, Fly Dubai, China South Airlines, Kam Air, Osmon Air, Utair, Ural Airlines, Sibir Airlines

Priority modes for international tourism in the country are considered to be:

  • climbing, mountain sports and ecotourism.
  • rafting, paragliding, skiing, ski mountaineering.
  • historical, cultural and ethnographic tourism.
  • spa treatment and rest.
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Fann mountan,Chimtarga

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Bolshoi Allo Lake

The Bolshoi (big) and Vierkhny (small) Allo Lake in the Zindon valley westward of Chimtarga. Bolshoi Allo Lake was formed by a landslide in the 19th century. IMHO Bolshoi Allo Lake is the most beautiful lake in the Fans.#tajikistan,#fann mountains

Aloudin lake

Alouddin lake The beautiful Alaudin Lakes are surrounded by the highest summits of the Fan Mountains.

Artuch Camp

Mountaineering & tourism camp «ARTUCH» located in heart of Fann mountains at height of 2200m. invites all visitors to visit unique mountain region of Central Asia, Republic of Tajikistan,

Hissar Fortress

Hissar Fortress used to be a palace of one of Bukhara Emirate becks. The fortress with 1 m walls and loopholes for guns and cannons towered on a high hill’s slope and was carefully guarded. Inside there was a pool and a garden. Across from the fortress there was a noisy market square with a caravanserai and a variety of shops. Big staircases and brick-lined terraces led to the main entrance. Unfortunately they haven’t survived. So hasn’t the entire palace building. The only remaining part is a monumental gate made from burned bricks with two cylindrical towers with the arrow-shaped arch between them; that was the way the majority of Bukhara gates were built in the 18th the 19th centuries. But even this fragment looks majestic and impressive.

Dushanbe, Capital of Tajikistan

Dushanbe city is the capital of the Republic of Tajikistan, the biggest science, cultural, policy, industrial and administrative center of the country. Hundreds monuments of classic poets and thinkers – ancestors of Tajik nation as Khayyam, Sino, Rudaki, Saadi, Firdausi, Rumi etc., live history of nation, are raised in the streets of Dushanbe city. Population of the city about 900 thousand and with Dushanbe agglomeration – 1,5 million. Dushanbe is the green city, the streets with the modern buildings and national West features. In the city there are hundreds cultural and entertaining centers, buildings, park, gardens etc. WELCOME TO TAJIKISTAN, JOURNEY TO THE FAIRY LAND! Visiting places: Memorial complex of Ismoil Somoni (Dusty square) – Nation Palace – State Flag square – National museum – Nowruzgoh Park – Kokhi Nowruz – Attraction Park «Khayyam» – Mausoleum Mavlono Yaqubi Charchi – Park Iram – TC Ashan – Hisor Palace – Museum of Hisor – Teahouse “Kharbuza” – Museum Mirzo Tursunzoda – Skiing complex Safed-Dara – Nurek Hydropower Station Platinum (listed in Genes Book of Records) – Waterfall – Nurek city – museum of Hydropower Station

The Kulikalon Lakes

The Kulikalon Lakes are located in a basin between 2750m and 3000m — the basin is of moraine/glacier origin. btw. Kulikalon means ‘Big Lake’ in Tajik.


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1. The landscapes are overwhelmingly beautiful 2. You get to know the life of Tajik up close 3. Tajikistan is synonymous with adventure 4. The people are incredibly friendly 5. The Pamir Highway and the Wakhan Valley are there


Tajik Organic food is more popular in the world We invite you to visit Tajikistan, here we have clean air, organic products, bio fruits,minerals water, ecology climate




Latest News

Tajikistan in 33rd Place to Go to in 2020

The New York Times Puts Tajikistan in 33rd Place to Go to in 2020 The US daily newspaper The New York Times has included Tajikistan among 52 places list to go in 2020. Tajikistan according to them is in the 33rd place. “This Central Asian [country] is becoming a prime spot for hiking, whitewater rafting and climbing,” the article reads. “With little internet access and a developing infrastructure, it’s pure off-the-grid travel — at least for now,” The New York Times adds. “The Wakhan Valley is a rugged region that sits mostly in northern Afghanistan but stretches into Tajikistan. Reached via the Pamir Highway, this area offers access to an ancient Silk Road fortress in Namadgut, where you can bathe in natural hot springs, climb the rocks above the city of Langar to discover ancient stone carvings, explore the fascinating mix of cultures, or gaze at the Milky Way from the mountains of Murghab” it notes. The New York Times states that with 2020 comes greater accessibility, including further easing of visa restrictions, new flight connections with Somon Air and additional bus service on fresh highways connecting major towns.

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Tajikistan Evisa It is now much quicker and easier to obtain a tourist or business visa to go to Tajikistan. No need to wait long queues to get your visa. A more convenient option, you can now simply in just a few clicks, apply online to obtain your Tajikistan eVisa. You will need to fill the form and make the payment with a credit card and you will receive your electronic tourist visa via emai

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